The Chittenden County Opioid Alliance is based on the premise that no one organization can reduce the burden of the opioid crisis in Chittenden County alone. It will take an Alliance of committed partners. The Alliance is made up of many dedicated people who come from different sectors of the community and have partnered together- local non-profit agencies, state and local government, business leaders and community members in Chittenden County.
The organizational structure of the Alliance is based on a collective impact model, which enables successful collaboration with a variety of organizations that share a common agenda and outcomes. This model is based on the principle that there are key decision makers at the table to help guide and proliferate the work of the Alliance. These key decision makers comprise the Chittenden County Opioid Alliance Executive Committee.


The four Action Teams, comprised of the working team members, meet regularly to develop the strategies in four areas specific to the opioid crisis:

By working collaboratively, CCOA can have the impact that a single organization or program cannot have on its own. The backbone staff’s role, Executive Director, Data Analyst, and the Communications and Administrative Coordinator, is to ensure that all current efforts to address the opioid issue work synergistically and to aid in developing new and creative solutions to the problem that we all work on collectively.

The Executive Committee guides the efforts of the alliance, helps make decisions, and meets monthly.


Beth McMurray - Communications and Administrative Coordinator

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